10 Ways to Expand your Network

Tips to expand your professional network

10 ways to expand your network: Do you want to strengthen your business connections, get access to more job opportunities and advance your career? Do you want to raise your profile, get fresh ideas, and build long-lasting relationships? Then this article is for you.

Here we will answer your question on how to expand your professional network by giving you some well-tested and proven tips that have been recommended by networking professionals. Let’s get started

Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, a business owner or an employee? Networking is necessary for career success. No man can succeed on his own and it’s the connections you make that will ensure a successful professional career.

Why is networking important

Networking is not just about selling yourself to others, it is about building quality long-term relationships that will help your career. A good professional network can be the difference between a successful professional career and an abysmal or mediocre professional career.

Tips to expand your professional network

  • Create a strategy – the first step in expanding your network is to create a strategy, you need to determine what works best for you. Outline your goals, what you aim to achieve how large you want your network to be, and then what are the things you need to achieve those goals.
  • Join a professional organization – various industries have bodies or associations for them. So whatever field you are in, find out and join those organizations. You’ll meet people there who can refer you and it’s a great way to connect with people.
  • Optimize social media – there are so many social networks you can use to connect with others. We have LinkedIn which is the largest professional network, Facebook, Instagram, and others.
  • Take part in volunteer projects – look for volunteer projects or you can even organize one. It doesn’t take much from you and it’s a great way to give back to society and also expand your network.
  • Attend events – go out, attend networking shows and events organized by professional bodies. You will learn a lot from those events and you will also meet new people.
  • Use alumni networks – they are a great tool to expand your professional network, whether it’s from your high school, college, or professional institute, always be involved.
  • Reach out to friends, co-workers, and family – your friends and family are your immediate network so do not neglect them, they are very important. Those you work with can also help in building a network.
  • Engage others outside your industry – if you have other interests or passions outside your industry, then reach out to others who share those interests even when they are not in your industry. Networking should not just be limited to your industry alone.
  • Be consistent – whatever strategy or plans you have, follow through, and endeavor to be consistent. In posting or attending events do miss the things you are supposed to do.
  • Give value – In all you do, ensure that you aim to provide value to others. Don’t just take from others also give.

With the tips mentioned above, you are on your way to having a great professional network. Do you need more information about networking? Then Bookmark these pages, drop a comment below and be sure to get a reply.

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