Ways to structure your resume to get you noticed

Ways to structure your resume to get you noticed

Ways to structure your resume to get you noticed: How long does it take for a recruiter to go through a resume? According to research, it is approximately 7 seconds. Are you applying for another position and you want to prepare a resume that will catch the attention of the recruiter? Then this page is right for you!

With the plethora of job seekers out there applying for the same position, you need to structure your resume in a way that is unique and will make a recruiter interested in you. It is essential to have a structured resume that captures the attention of anyone reading it.

Here we will give you an inside knowledge of what a recruiter looks for in a resume and with some quick and easy tips, we will guide you on how to write a resume that gets you noticed by the recruiter. Let’s get started!

 What recruiters expect in a resume

Your resume is one of the first ways recruiters know about you and what every employer wants is a candidate that meets the required skills and qualifications needed and in a world where there are a lot of qualified candidates, someone with that extra “thing”. It may be your motivation, commitment, or the way you structure your resume. You must be willing to put in extra effort to stand out from others.

 How to write an extraordinary resume

With the following tips you can be sure of a unique resume that will get you noticed by the recruiter:

1. Tailor your skills and experiences to the job description

When applying for a job, there are things unique to every job. Identify what the employer is looking for, and what qualifications, skills, and experiences are required for that job, and write your resume I’m a way that will highlight those things in your resume. You can’t change your skills or educational qualifications or where you’ve worked but you can highlight the ones that are relevant to the job that you are applying for. This will ensure that those skills and expertise will stand out and be easily noticed by a recruiter.

2. Use the appropriate resume type/format

In writing resumes, there are basically three types/formats. We have the chronological resume format, functional resume format, and combination resume format. These three have unique advantages for different types of individuals. For a fresh graduate and first-time job seeker, the combination resume works best for you. For someone who is considering a career change or applying for a mid-level position, the functional resume format is best for you. For an individual applying for a managerial or high-level position, a chronological resume format is appropriate for her.

3. Proofread your resume

After writing your resume, you need to check for spelling and typographic errors. You don’t want to submit a resume filled with grammatical errors. There are applications that help in proofreading, so check for one today and use it.

4. Link your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the largest networking platform and it is advisable for you to link your resume with your LinkedIn profile, this gives the recruiter an easy way to contact you or do further research.

5. Write a good cover letter

Although not all recruiters require a cover letter, it is advisable for you to write one and make it good. Personalize your cover letter and make it brief.

The tips mentioned above I hope it will help in writing a resume that will give you your dream job. Do you want more information on choosing a resume format or cover letter? Then Bookmark these pages, drop a comment below and be sure to get a reply.

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