How to Network with recruiters on LinkedIn

How to Network with recruiters on LinkedIn

How to Network with recruiters on LinkedIn: LinkedIn provides one of the biggest platforms for employment across the world. It gives its users an opportunity to build and secure a professional network. Since its emergence, it has proven to be an invaluable platform for both employers and employees of different skills across the globe, and whilst searching for a job it allows you to connect and communicate directly with recruiters.

Now the most difficult part usually lies in writing the right message to recruiters while applying for a job, how to introduce yourself to a recruiter on LinkedIn, securing a good connection with recruiters on LinkedIn after applying, etc. Knowing how to tackle, gives you a very good advantage over other job seekers.

After completing your LinkedIn profile, reaching out to recruiters is a great job strategy, and here are some important tips to follow in networking with recruiters on LinkedIn

1. Do your research

Details really do matter. Before approaching any recruiting, it is important for you to do research on whoever you want to connect with. You can get a lot of information from an individual’s LinkedIn profile. Details such as educational qualifications, interests, projects e.t.c is really important and you may find out that you share the same interests with the recruiter or maybe you went to the same school. Any information no matter how insignificant it may seem can be used as a conversation starter.

2. Make a connection request

The major goal of LinkedIn is networking, so do not hesitate to make a connection request once you’ve done your research. It is important that you make a good first impression in the first message you send to the recruiter. Try to make it short and simple. Do not overwhelm the recruiter with unnecessary information (every information they need should be n your profile, you need to send everything), just put out u unique points that will make a recruiter interested in you. Be bold and authentic.

3. Avoid the use of generic messages

when writing, try avoiding the use of generic messages. Let your message be simple and clear, tailored to meet what the recruiter might be looking for.

 4. Always Follow up

As soon as the recruiter has accepted your connection request always follow up with a thank you note. This shows your commitment and interest in whatever position you are applying for. Being proactive puts you in a good position with recruiters. You need to allocate time to building and sustaining that connection. In following up, the key is to show your interest and at the same time not seem too pushy, you need to find a balance.

5. Keep your LinkedIn profile strong

Your LinkedIn profile can determine whether you get a job or not. It defines who you are and says a lot about you. An incomplete or haphazard profile tells a recruiter that you are not committed no matter the qualifications you have. So set out time to build a strong LinkedIn profile. There are several tips to follow such as choosing a good profile picture, listing your skills, projects you’ve worked on, professional qualifications on your profile, listing good recommendations, updating your profile regularly, etc.

With the competition in the job market, it is important that you put your best foot forward at all times, while networking and building connections with recruiters may seem stressful and scary the benefits will pay off in the long run as being a good networker will give you an edge over others and with a good effort will lead to a better job.

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