HOW TO GET A JOB WITHIN 2 DAYS IN NIGERIA: In Nigeria, getting a job of one’s desire seems to be a tedious task. Some people tend to be lucky in job searching while others aren’t. There are certain steps job seekers don’t take to mind when hunting for a job.

Here are a few steps:

Step One – Your definition of a Job

Job hunters sometimes don’t have a defined kind of job. They tend to be seeking jobs that will either define them or defined them. When you plan on getting a job, one has to be specific on the kind of job he/she wants to be engaged in and not just anything.

For example, if one intends on a company, Government job, etc. then he/she must first have some knowledge about the kind of job he/she wants to undertake, make inquiries/findings of the job environment

Step two (2)- A Background of the Job.

As a jobber, one must be acquainted with the background of the job he is seeking (i.e. have a fair understanding of the job and experiences) so as not to find it difficult tasking it. For example, a jobber seeking to work in a company as a secretary must first have a fair knowledge of secretarial duties, and the dos, and don’ts of secretarial positions.

Step three (3)- Aiming for the job

Talking about aiming: it means going in, longing, targeting, etc. A jobber, after defining his kind of job, knowing the background of the job, now aims for the desired job opportunity. In aiming for a job, one has to bear in mind the necessary procedures for getting such a job. In Nigeria particularly, there are certain procedures needed in getting a job and these procedures will be discussed thus:

  • As a jobber, after getting to finding your preferred place of work, you need to make enquires for five posts you intend to apply for, then comes the need for an Approval letter which entails your identity & purpose of applying. Some people make a lot of mistakes when writing an application letter to make a curriculum vitae.

Note: An application letter is termed as a declaration of intention to work in a certain position with and for a particular company or organization and it entails a brief and concise word often beginning with a complimentary close of ‘Yours faithfully’ with the address’s name and signature at the right-hand side.

Essential elements to consider when writing an application

  • Address of writer
  • Date
  • Designation of the addressee
  • Company’s or organization’s address in full
  • Salutation
  • Heading/Title
  • Reason for writing stating any reference or advert seen with name of source and date of publication if possible.
  • The tone of the letter should be diplomatic and never uncouth.
  • Short sentences are preferable.
  • Avoid grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors
  • Balance the length of sentences & link your paragraphs.
  • Apart from your introduction and conclusion, use only 3-5 paragraphs with each expressing different ideas.
  • In conclusion, restate the reason for writing.
  • State yours “faithfully, sincerely” with the small letters “f” & “s”.
  • Do not forget to sign and write your name on the right-hand side.
  • Curriculum vitae is often abbreviated as a CV: Curriculum vitae is mostly a typed document containing a person’s complete identity. In other words, it is a person’s Embodiment of National identity. In most cases, curriculum vitae go behind the application letter.

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