10 Tips for a winning LinkedIn profile

10 Tips for a winning LinkedIn profile

10 Tips for a winning LinkedIn profile: Are you looking for ways to create a LinkedIn profile attractive to recruiters? Do you wonder what could possibly give your LinkedIn profile the edge it needs to be impressive even with little work experience?

Here we will be providing you tips on how to create one of the Best practical LinkedIn profiles in 2022 with Good LinkedIn Headlines that can attract any recruiter. Now let’s get started

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with more than 600 million users worldwide your LinkedIn profile gives you the opportunity to get your resume before thousands of professionals in whatever industry you want.

If you’re a job seeker you need a profile that stands out from others to enable you to connect better with professionals that will improve your career and a unique profile increases your chances. You need to create a marketable personal brand with your profile and here are some tips to help you out:

1. Choose the right profile picture

A picture speaks a thousand words and your profile picture says a lot about the person you are. First impressions matter a lot and your profile picture is one of the first things that introduces you to the world on your LinkedIn profile. In choosing a good profile picture, first of all, you need a picture that is recent (do not use an old picture no matter how good you may look in that picture), and always wear a smile (a smile will attract and makes you approachable), be professional in what you wear in your profile picture.

2. Complete your profile

Recruiters and hiring managers will look at your profile before approaching you for a job and an incomplete profile doesn’t give a good impression about you. So endeavor to have a complete profile by providing all the necessary information LinkedIn requires

3. Choose the right headline

Your headline should not just be your job title, it should be more about the kind of person you are. Your headline is your USP (unique selling point). It makes you stand out.

4. Avoid buzzwords or cliche

Buzzwords words are important sounding words with little meaning. If you want to attract professionals you need to be genuine and authentic

5. Use your summary/about section wisely

This is a personalized section provided by LinkedIn and is written in the first person. Use this section to highlight your key skills and experiences and talk about who you are and what kind of work you enjoy. Make it brief after all it’s a summary.

6. Make your Interests section interesting

It is the section at the bottom of your profile and most times is often overlooked but it is the key to getting interesting content in your LinkedIn feed, it also says something about who you are because the things that interest you are important.

7. Add certifications, projects

Beneath your work experience add your professional certifications and projects you’ve worked on.

8. Add your skills

Apart from your academic qualifications, whatever skill you’ve acquired should be listed in the skills section. Such skills don’t necessarily have to be a hard skill set. You could put some soft skills you may have acquired through your experiences such as good communication skills, leadership, time management, problem-solving skills, etc.

9. Use strong recommendations

You need to have strong recommendations, from your bosses, clients, and colleagues. It tells what others say about you. These references are very important

10. Update your profile

Updating your profile is a good habit to acquire. Simple things such as updating your profile picture or adding a new skill you have acquired are very necessary. It shows your organizational skill.

11. Create a good professional Persona

A Persona Shows who you are, what you have to offer and what you have to offer, and what makes you special. In summary, it aims at selling the right personality behind the LinkedIn profile.

We the tips mentioned above, you can be sure to create a winning LinkedIn profile. Do you need more information on having and maintaining a visible LinkedIn profile? Then Bookmark this page, drop a comment below and be sure to get a reply.

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